The mission of Channel 1111 is to uplift (like when Dolly Parton walks into a room) through all imagined and unimagined levels of communication.

Channel 1111, established in 2020 by Monique Reymond, Director, was born from the success of the Comedy Collective Foundation. Channel 1111 creates content and experiences for individuals and groups to elevate the mind, body and spirit through online and in-person resources and activities. The purpose of Channel 1111 is to create content which elevates (i.e., positivity in society, self awareness, and higher consciousness). Monique’s emphasis on “elevation” developed from her spiritual growth achieved through the practice of yoga.

The idea behind Channel 1111 is to “give back” – from its acquired resources – to individuals and to the community at large. Comedy Collective Foundation raised $1,500 to provide crutches for orphans in Darfur, $8,000 for, and through consultancy, raised $10,000 for the Red Cross. Channel 1111 seeks to expand its reach into addressing social problems in this time of need. The organization raises funds for its own causes through sponsorships, partnerships, grants and both private and corporate donations. Channel 1111 supports other causes, other non-profits, and will seek to provide scholarships and in-person and online education made available to students in underserved communities. Channel 1111 wants to address issues concerning worldwide poverty, victims of abuse, social justice, environmental causes, and other societal challenges that arise in these turbulent times.

Monique founded Channel 1111 as a woman of color who was born in Pakistan, adopted by Anglo parents as an infant, and grew up in Southern California. She recently experienced an elevation of her own when she discovered her birth family in Pakistan. Channel 1111 hopes to elevate others through its service to the community by its own gifts and programming.

Board of Directors

Monique Reymond

Leo Berger

Leo Berger, Chief Financial Officer
Leo Berger is the proprietor of the accounting firm, Leo Berger & Associates. Leo has been a Certified Accountant since 1975, and manages the accounting needs of entertainment clients, and others, along with Channel 1111. Leo was born in Brussels, later lived in Montreal, and has been a Los Angeles resident since 1966.

Karen Gutierrez

Karen Gutierrez brings 14 years of experience at the City of Beverly Hills. She serves the Beverly Hills Fire Department and provides executive administrative support to the Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief and abets with various areas of its operations. She is currently Head Facilitator and Commission Secretary of the Beverly Hills Health and Safety Commission and former Facilitator and Commission Secretary of the Beverly Hills Traffic and Parking Commission (2007-2012) during her service at the City of Beverly Hills Public Works Department. Karen also aids in the capacity of Purchasing Manager of the three fire stations in the City of Beverly Hills working in conjunction with the department’s Senior Management Analyst. She is an active committee member of the JUST IN CASE, BH Program serving as the program’s emergency manual editor and purchasing manager. She volunteers and creates youth programs for the exclusive The Berrics and The DOGPOUND Gym as well as garners interest for fundraisers.

Karen is a certified personal trainer, ideas integrator, business entrepreneur, wife of Vincent A. Ponte and first time mother of Giorgino Ponte.