Through breath work, chanting and physical postures, Kundalini Yoga unites body, mind and spirit, awakening dormant energy and channeling it into the chakras. Kundalini yoga connects us to a universal truth that lies within us all.

Monique's Aquarian Tenets
  • Listen
  • Observe
  • Love
  • Uplift
  • Forgive
  • Accept
  • Honor your word
  • Do not judge
  • Be present
  • Be grateful

Kundalini Yoga at Hollywood Forever

September 22, 2021

September 15, 2021

September 8, 2021

Private and Group Instruction


Monique was adopted as a baby from the Punjab region of Pakistan by Western parents and was raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Yoga had long been on her to-do list, but it remained an example of indefinite procrastination until 2012 and a chance meeting with a stranger who invited her to her first Kundalini Yoga class. She was hooked, and from that day forward, Monique began a daily Kundalini Yoga practice. By 2013 she completed her certification for Kundalini Teacher at Golden Bridge Yoga. Being of service has always been a calling, and for seven years, Monique volunteered to help run one of Los Angeles’ most attended studios, Nine Treasures Yoga. In Spring of 2020, the pandemic hit, and indoor yoga studios were shut down. In response, Monique helped facilitate an outdoor program at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which includes both Kundalini and Vinyasa Flow. Monique considers her adoption and finding her yogic practice to be two of the greatest gifts of this lifetime. It is both strange and wonderful that she traveled nearly 8000 miles to Los Angeles to discover a technology that originated in her birth land. In Los Angeles, many of us wear a few hats. Monique has won three Emmys for her day job as a Foley Artist for television and film. She has performed at all the usual L.A. venues as a standup comedian and hopes to soon sell her comedy pilot about the yoga and “wellness” community in Los Angeles. In the meantime, she hopes to see you at the Cemetery.